Enjoy life .. 'Queen' size !

How one can enjoy Womanhood without ....
Brother, Father, Husband, Friend, Guru, Son.................and many more like rikshaw wala bhaiya ... fugge wala bhaiya , gupchup wala bhaiya .... and all. 

We cannot forget Meerabai, Laxmibai, Mahashweta Devi, Kalpana Chawla, P. T. Usha, Panna Dhaaymaa, Shabari and many more women lived their life gracefully as a human being.They don`t beg for any special day or special laws for women. What they want they done it from their heart and spirit, and the rest is a history. 

Now, the question is then why we are celebrating woman`s day ? 
We are celebrating woman`s day because today`s women forget their true nature. They are begging dignity and security from others without knowing that dignity is the matter of one own`s effort and wish and, if somebody is trying to harm your dignity or security you should leave that place or you can fight for your rights. 
While doing this please remember that you have two choices whether you choose to live lavishly or to live with grace. and if you choose grace over than comfort than be happy with your choice. Because this is the ultimate thing one can do in their life. 

Even males are also struggling for their lives so in my vision, there is nothing like woman`s day. Every creature of this planet is complete and struggling for their own survival. It is up to 'you' that what you are thinking about yourself. If you think that ' I am powerful' you are powerful and if you think that ' I am weak ' then you became weak. So, don`t beg for your rights, dignity or for security. Keep it in mind that every creature of this world is complete.  
Enjoy life Queen size.... everyday!